Character creation template

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Character creation template

Post  Kalin on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:47 pm

Race:Your race,racial subset or mixture of races.
Age:How old you are,age limits vary between races.
Occupation:What you do,is'nt required. Being a mayor or even a king,counts as an occupation.

Appearance:What you look like,can use a picture or a description.

Bio:Your history,up until your current age. Is'nt required,but with a good bio you can start with special spells or abilities.
Deity:The god/godess or demonic lord/demoness you worship. You don't have to worship one. Worshiping one can give you certain special spells or effects though.

Starting equipment:You only have to start out with clothes,depending on race. The rest is up to you.

Starting Spells:The spells you gain at creation. If you worship a deity,you can automatically add one deity spell at creation.


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