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Human Kingdoms:
Bardalia:Bardalia is a large kingdom,and has a history of making peace. It used gifts,protection promises and charismatic ambassadors to convince the other kingdoms to ally. The first king did nothing to relay peace though,and Bardalia is a former trade focused kingdom,and specialized in weapons. This led to several bloody rebellions,giving rise to many temporary rulers. The most successful rebellion put the widely loved rebel leader,Leono,in power,and he ruled with peace and equality. Throughout his life,King Leono focused on allying the humans as a race. He did so through a 50 year period. King Leono has died,and without an blood heir,has determined a successor on his deathbed. Apparently,the name coming to him moments before he died.

If you want to be king Leono's heir,inform me after you create your character through a pm.

Dwarf kingdoms
There is no real dwarf kingdom,but they are divided into clans and each clans rules over a certain part of the southern mountains. If you want to rule a clan,inform me of it's name and ruling territory by pm.

Elf Kingdoms
Elf alliance:The elf alliance has stood for an extremely long time,so long in fact,that no being alive,or even some ghosts,can remember there not being one. The elf alliance focuses on the protection and preservation of nature,a war being fought over this,the nasira forest war,ten thousand years ago. The war was started when attempts to burn the nasira forest were made by elf hating drakal. Inform me by pm if you want to rule the elf alliance.

Neko kingdoms:The neko have no real kingdom,but exist in a small part of the eastern elf forests and live in a centralized village ruled by a council. If you want to be a neko council member,pm me. There are 5 spots.

There are no other kingdoms,the old Drakal kingdom is dissolved and the titan kingdom is gone,since there is only one titan left.


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