Asayina Haruka Fukinagi

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Asayina Haruka Fukinagi

Post  Asayina on Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:41 am

Asayina Haruka Fukinagi
Occupation:O.o idk


Bio:she never grew up normal she never meet anyone like herself no one else she ever meet was part vampire part neko.only she was she only had her older brother damien and her wolf to keep her company her parents died in a fire.her brother damien is 27 and does everything in his power to protect her.she loves to sing and cook she carries around a sythe((the one in my appearance))is was her grandfathers she never leaves with out it.everyone that knows her calls her asy or asa.She is quiet and dosent talk much when she sings she can put people to sleep and with her gaze she can hyponotize people.

Deity:The god/godess or demonic lord/demoness you worship. You don't have to worship one. Worshiping one can give you certain special spells or effects though.

Starting equipment:My Sythe,Food,Clothing,and My Wolf Toki

Starting Spells:Nemuri Kashou ((sleeping song)),Hyponotizing Gaze

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Re: Asayina Haruka Fukinagi

Post  Kalin on Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:40 am

Approved. Welcome.


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