Kalin,The Royal General.

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Kalin,The Royal General.

Post  Kalin on Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:32 am

Name:Kalin Taralok
Occupation:Soldier,royal general rank.


Bio:Kalin was born in a tavern,to a human mother and the previous human Tarith. He was raised outside of the Bardanian capital in a small farm. His father was a mercenary,and a very famous one,due to his tarith ablilities. His father told Kalin stories of his adventures as a mercenary,leading him to have a lust for adventure.(His father left out the most gruesome parts of his mercenary adventures out of the stories though.)As a boy Kalin battled imaginary drakal with sticks,and explored the nearby forests and swam in rivers. He led a very carefree life,and grew very fond of it. When he was 21,he left home. He went off to become a soldier,for the pay,because as his father always said,"Mercenaries have adventures,soldiers have treasuries." He excelled in the royal training program and was so good,he was made a lieutenant upon graduation. He participated in many battles,fighting the drakals at the legendary battle of the Haversham steppes and fighting them at the battle of Dorova. His exploits leading men and fighting drakal made him a bit of a celebrity. He was promoted to Royal general after Yardri,the current one,died,and was paid handsomely for doing almost nothing. All the money and success practically meant nothing after his father died,but he kept enjoying his life,as his father always said he wanted him to do. He amassed a treasury to rival the kingdoms,due to selling the many rare savardi gems he found as a boy,and had been saving. He bought a huge mansion in town,moved his mother in,and is living a fairly happy life. His father would've been proud. Kalin learned a few spells from some royal mages after his promotion,and know several high level spells.

Starting equipment:Hundreds of clothes,from robes to simple tunics and slacks. Some finely crafted,royal armor,constructed of rare golden mithril. A huge broadsword constructed of golden mithril. An enchanted necklace containing the rarest gem in existence,a p'varti gem,that increases his spell power.

Starting spells:Sorvata/Portal:Creates a portal to a destination the user has visited.
Baskara/Light:Creates a magic ball that light up and follows the user or a chosen person.
Tarvir/Fireball:Creates a fire ball,projected from the palm,finger or mouth.
Basurat Shiv/Lightning Palm:A bolt of lightning projected from the palm.


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Re: Kalin,The Royal General.

Post  Asayina on Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:34 am


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