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Racial Info

Post  Kalin on Sun Apr 05, 2009 6:58 am

The humans are'nt one of the strongest or smartest races,yet dominate the land as the most powerful kingdom. This baffles all the other races,and infuriates the drakals. They are attacked by the drakals constantly,even though the drakal kingdom is dissolved. They differ in appearance,but are physically and anatomically similar. They differ in height and weight,and are all in all,very varied from person to person.

The elves are the second strongest kingdom,but have been in very few wars,only two in they're history as they claim. They look a bit like slightly taller,thinner humans with pointed ears. Anatomically,they're similar to humans but have a naturally higher magical essence and no adrenal glands. They're hair is one very different attribute of the elves. A humans normal hair colors are red,black,brown and blond. So are the elves. Other common hair colors among elves are green and blue,but can be almost any color. Also,elf hair color and length varies. An elf with two naturally short,red haired parents,can be born with extremely long,blue hair. Hair can differ vastly among elves. Elves are different,but most love peace and nature.

The dwarf clans don't have much power individually,but most human military experts say due to their territorial vastness,weapon supply and quality,population and natural strength,would overwhelm any attacking force if they banded together. dwarves look like short,wide humans with beards. Even the female dwarves have natural beards,but most female dwarves remove these beards with magic at a certain age. The dwarves are very strong and hardy people,and they love mead,wine,ale and beer. In fact,fine alcoholic beverages are most clans chief exports. The dwarves have overly active adrenal glands,and have more powerful adrenaline rushes. The dwarves are a brave people,and love to fight. The clans have had many wars and have even defeated other clans,for no real reason. The dwarves are true warriors and many become mercenaries.

The neko are a shy,rare race. Nekos are'nt born often,and no other race knows why. Nekos know though,that this is due to the fact that nekos are born in "Litters" of two,to even ten rarely. Most nekos only have children once,because if every female neko had more than one litter,the population would grow out of control. The neko look like humans with furry pointed ears on top of their heads and have long slender tails. The neko have never been in a war,an almost no neko is a warrior. Some neko are though,and if they are,most fight like what we would call,Ninja. Due to their natural speed. The neko are shy,calm and reluctant to fight or ally with anyone. Some neko break this typical mold though,and are brave,valiant and love to fight. Some just long for power,AKA the evil wizard Kyto.
Subsets:Occasionally,neko are born without tails,but still have ears. These are referred to as tail-less,and are usually picked on.

The drakal are one the most violent races. Though they are not a kingdom anymore,they still attack the humans due to they're feeling of natural superiority over other races.(The drakal,not the humans.)The drakal have never warred amongst each other though,and have a feeling of brotherhood and unity amongst other drakal. Drakal look like lizards,that stand on two legs and speak in a hissy voice.
Subsets:Sometimes drakal hatch like dragons,not lizards. They're huge,and are born with fire pouches above their stomachs. They still can stand though,but most walk on four legs. They're called drakan,and are practically worshiped by normal drakal. Unfotunately,most drakan are practically forced into being warriors by their parents.
(As to not confuse people,drakal do "mate",like other races. But females can only lay an egg after they do.)


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