Rare Requests. (Request Before Creation!)

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Rare Requests. (Request Before Creation!)

Post  Kalin on Sun Apr 05, 2009 10:07 am

Tarith were first born randomly,no one knows when they started to be born. A tarith is basically,a stronger,faster,more magically adept version of a race. They are now born when a current tarith dies,but are still born randomly,a tariths children will not be tarith. Tarith cannot be a subset,and must be born of a pure blood. (You cannot be half a race. You must be completely of one race to be born a tarith.)
Here,you may request a tarith. There is one tarith of each race. Make sure to request a tarith before you create your character if you make one.

Human Tarith:
Elf Tarith:
Neko Tarith:
Dwarf Tarith:
Drakar Tarith:

Another thing about the tarith,is that all tarith can access a spell called tarith palm burst,a large or small burst of energy from the palm. It is,officially,THE strongest spell. The only spells even half as strong are Unholy fire and Summoning Shiksho,the light fathers holy griffin. It can be powerful enough to level cities,and kill instantly unless dodged or blocked by a powerful enough magic or enchanted physical shield. This spell is overkill. I know that. That's why there's only limited tarith. Only two metals can survive this blast,yes,you guessed it!
Golden Mithril and Red Obsidian.

Titan Request
I am letting one titan survive. It can be male or female. Titans are huge,amazingly so. To give you a size reference,drakans,which average at 20 feet and are the second tallest,would have to have three stand on each others shoulders reach a titans face. Titans can mate,but due to their size differences,it would kill the partner unless it were a...drakan,but only maybe. Also,the titan must have a bio.


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