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Deity Information

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Deities communicate with mortals through dreams,the earth mother being the only exception to this.

Gods and Goddesses
Light Father
The Light Father was once a human named Ravin reportedly,and was apparently a powerful mage. He was good and virtuous,helping all he met with his magical power. Reportedly,when he died he took six people surrounding him to an ethereal,heavenly paradise simply called ether. Ether apparently looks like a magical forest and plain,with clear weather all the time,abundant food,mountains and a giant waterfall. Nothing in ether can actually be destroyed,and everything is seemingly unbreakable. The light father respects good virtue,equality,pacifism and kindness. He only accepts necessary fighting. The Light Father is the humans main deity,but accepts all races. People who accept the Light Father live with him in Ether.

Holy Healing
Some devout monks and followers of the light father,have reported praying for healing,and having fatal wounds and reportedly incurable diseases cured instantly.
Holy Strike
Some monks and devout followers of the light father have reported praying for deliverance from aggressors and having their attackers seemingly vanish in an instant. This is extremely rare though,and you can only pray for a deliverance from attackers once every week.

Mother Nature
Mother Nature,or The Earth Mother as elves call her,is the only deity that exists on an earthly level. Apparently,as the elves say,she was an elf that was very connected with nature and it's workings. And,through magic and meditation,ascended to a higher level of being. No one actually knows where she lives and since her transformation,appears to select individuals very rarely. She respects those who respect nature and life,and doesn't normally like unnecessary fighting.

Natures song
Occasionally,followers of Mother Nature can draw forth magical songs from Mother Nature herself,putting all people who hear it into a deep sleep.
Natures roots
Occasionally,followers of the mother of nature have reported seeing giant roots rise from an area,any area,and entangle an attacker. This can be summoned through praying.

Demon lords And Demonesses
The Unholy Makar
Makar was once a mage,one who was alive around when Ravin ascended to Ether. He was jealous of this fact and the miracles people reported Ravin had performed after he ascended. Hungry for power and respect,Makar prayed to "The Light Father" for power like his. After his requests were personally denied and his denunciation explained in a dream,Makar grew furious. He flew into a massive rage,and swallowed several magical gems,killing hundreds of people with his new found power. This eventually killed him,and when he died he made a hellish realm called Daemonus. This place is like a fiery plain,surrounded by mountains. The people of Daemonus constantly fight each other and are killed by Makars demons,but are simply revived. This is their fate for worshiping the dreaded god of unholy power,Makar. No one knows what gems Makar swallowed,but worshipers have tried swallowing every known gem to try and obtain answers.

Unholy Rage
Some followers of Makar can go into rages set on by Makar,which he does by instantly activating a lust for killing and flesh and puts the victim into an extreme adrenaline rush for several hours. This takes an extreme toll on the body though,and can kill the person or even destroy the adrenal glands.
Unholy Fire
Some followers of Makar can summon holy flames by offering blood to Makar by cutting their wrists. They then pray for flame,and can fire ten blasts of unholy flame from their palms,mouth or even...Well,anus.


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